Haute Diggety

As perspectives on the breeding of dogs (and other animals) have been continuing to change, so have my attitudes about pets; however, it used to be an unquestioned part of my life. My grandparents bred and showed cocker spaniels professionally, and my mom was raised in their kennel (sometimes literally). We still have the photo albums, and the boxes full of ribbons. (My mom sold off the trophies long ago.) My family still watches the National Dog Show on Rightful Presence Day (after the parade, which is another issue, I know).

I used to be able to call up well over 400 breed names, including a bunch that are not AKC recognized. That vocabulary set seemed like a fun source for a song, as in making a big ol’ list, categorizing those items into syllable and accent groups, and then just generally fiddling around with stuff until it rested in a pleasing pattern. Pragmatics determined that a lot of names were left out of the song, but a lot were let in (where they jumped up onto the couch).

So here we go…

Here are the lyrics.

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