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This is the outside of Tracy Mansfield's Clyr business card.
This is the inside of Tracy Mansfield's Clyr business card.

Business Card

I use a folded business card because I love to play around with fancy design work (on the outside), but I also want the information to be in an accessible format (on the inside).

Medicine Bottle Label

(See label enlarged.)

We bought a button maker.

And this happened.

Watched some old Superman stuff, and this image emerged.

(See image enlarged.)


At work, in the SpEd wing, I have been individually assigned a desk where many others are first-come in a “hoteling” milieu, thus the sudden desire for a nameplate. For accessibility, the font is Open Dyslexic 3 in oxblood on a cream background (with a rainbow surround as a social statement). I wanted the graphic element to float, so I ordered a couple of pieces of edge-polished plastic from TAP with which to frame the card stock. (The opposite side - which hovers over a separate desk - is a small version of the window cling shown below.) Double-sided tape holds the paper in place (which was a mistake, as it darkens the print). Copper foil tape keeps the plates together. The wood is lignum vitae, which has a delicately enticing, exotically spicy aroma (and an occasionally olive cast, before it was polished with block butter).


The overall composition (i.e., a torch-flanked oval frame) is based on b&w line stock, from which the smoke and ribbon shapes are modified. The flambeau design was somewhat inspired by a “Stile Bellagio” sconce, but with more of a neoclassical shaft. The rest of the work is entirely original.

(See bookplate enlarged.)

Vinyl Window Cling

The artistic notion is that this is a window (e.g., a screen, stained glass, oiled water, complex retinæ… anything) that is other-than-human in nature and nurture… it could be some emergent entity that might be created by beings who have compound light-sensitive organs; after all, there are dozens of different types of “eyes” here on Earth alone. The framework is a Voronoi diagram (such as we see in sponges and collections of bubbles) with a spiral shell pattern in the center to which it adheres. (My first impulse had been a nautilus design.) Most of the views give upon worlds that were defined with various fractal applications, other than the soap bubble and the textured light-through-water on the left (whose mathematics were embedded in life).

The (im)practical notion is that this has been printed on frosted vinyl to cling to a 41” x 17” window in my home, balancing light, beauty, and privacy.

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