While there is value in being able to adapt whatever you happen to have on hand, there is also a whole lot to be said for having just the right tool for a task.

Goldstar Tools

“Established in 1990 in the world renowned Fashion District of Los Angeles,, the online division of Golden Cutting and Sewing Supplies, has quickly grown from its modest roots to an international supplier and the premier online destination for all of your fashion and sewing supplies. Whether its basic garment or craft supplies to sophisticated sewing equipment, we have all your needs covered.”

I got an amazing grommet press from them.

Lee Valley Tools

“At Lee Valley, we understand that the journey of creating is just as exciting as the end product. Whether you want to learn something new or develop a skill, or you're simply looking for project inspiration, we're here to help you make the most of your creative journey. We're dedicated to finding and developing some of the best tools in the industry to offer our customers, and to providing engaging project ideas and plans to help turn imagination into reality.”

I don’t tend to list bigger vendors as they tend to already be well known, but LVT is still news to many people, despite its having grown a lot in the last 40 years. Take a look at their hand tools in particular.

Archival Methods

“Archival Storage and Presentation Products.”

This is my source for acid-free and light-blocking storage containers for photos, documents, and so on.

The Dice Shop Online (UK)

Die Hard Dice (US)

Supporting your local gaming shop is good; however:

DSO: “We are now the World's largest volume retailer of dice!”

DHD: “With our table-ready dice and accessories, you can take your gaming to new heights while telling your story in your own unique way.”

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